Pantera Code of Conduct

Pantera Volleyball Club

Code of Conduct, 2018-2019

1.  Substance Policy:

 Use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco products is prohibited.  Law in Indiana prohibits alcohol consumption by minors (under 21).  Possession or use of drugs is illegal.  If a player uses any of these substances while competing as a member of a junior team in the United States Volleyball Association sanctioned competition, the team may be declared ineligible for further competition.  Therefore, any use of illegal drugs or alcohol by Pantera athletes will result in immediate suspension from the club. 

 If a player is suspended for violation of the Pantera substance policy, the club administrator (Lisa Butcher) will specify suspension in writing.  Each case will be reviewed individually and the administrator has the authority to suspend an athlete for the remainder of the club season if necessary.  Subsequent violations may result in permanent expulsion from the club. 

A suspended athlete may appeal the suspension in writing.  This appeal must be signed by both athlete and a parent, and must be submitted within 14 day of the administrator’s decision.  A 2-member board will review the case. 

2.  Conduct during competition

This section pertains to any competitive event, whether a sanctioned tournament or a scrimmage.  Athletes are subject to these rules from the time of their departure from home for an event until they return home. 

All athletes are subject to the rules of competition and conduct specified by the United State Volleyball Association.  These rules require that athletes treat coaches, teammates, opponents and officials with courtesy and respect. 

Coaches will announce the expected arrival time for an event to their teams prior to the event.  All athletes are expected to arrive on time.  If this is not possible, coaches should be notified in advance. 

Players are not excused to leave following competition until released by their coach/s.  Players and parents should not expect special treatment, such as permission to leave earlier than teammates if the athlete’s team must officiate following its final match.  Athletes who must leave early due to other commitments should clear this in advance.  Players should not leave a playing site between matches without permission.  Teams may have meetings, officiating duties, or may need to stay to support other Pantera teams. 

All players will compete in proper club uniforms. 

All players are expected to share equally in performance of line judging, scorekeeping and down referring responsibilities with teammates.  Players are expected to behave in a professional manner while a part of the officiating crew.

Individual team coaches will establish other rules. 

I understand this Code of Conduct and that I may not participate in Pantera Volleyball practices or tournament without signed copy on file. 

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