Agreement for Participation

Pantera Volleyball Club

2019-2020 Season Agreement for Participation

This writing recognizes that _______________________, hereinafter, “Participant and _________________________, hereinafter, “Parent/Guardian” have been informed and acknowledges that the Parent/Guardian of the Participant in the Pantera Volleyball Club is responsible for payment of all fees and expenses incurred on her behalf while she is a participant in the club. 

Should any Participate wish to withdraw from the Club before the scheduled completion of her season, she must do so by notifying the Club of her withdrawal in WRITING by sending such written notice to the attention of Lisa Butcher at: 

Pantera Volleyball Club

                                                                     C/O Lisa Butcher

                                                                  4112 S. Clear View Dr

Bloomington, IN  47403

  Participates who withdraw from the Club are responsible for payments of all fees and expenses incurred on their behalf.  The club’s budget is based on the number of participants that commit to play on each team before the season starts, and the club has financial obligations to meet according to that budget.  It is the official policy at Pantera Volleyball Club that we do not return funds if a player chooses to leave the club at any point, and the player and or Parent or guardian is responsible to pay all outstanding obligations under this agreement, unless a compromise is agreed upon by the club director.

A $35.00 fee will be assessed for any dishonored check, together with any statutory remedies available, including the costs of collection.

                        ____ I did attend the Pantera Volleyball Club parent meeting 
                        ____ I did not attend

Participant Signature:  ________________________ Date:  ________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:  ____________________________  Date: _______

Pantera Representative:  ____________________________  Date: __________