Age Definitions | Inclement Weather | Missed Practices or Games | Player Expectations | Parent Expectations | Being a Student Athlete

Age Divisions:

USAV Age Definition:
15 and Under:  Players who were born on or after 9/1/2003
14 and Under: Players who were born on or after 9/1/2004
13 and Under: Players who were born on or after 9/1/2005
12 and Under:  Players who were born on or after 9/1/2006
11 and Under:  Players who were born on or after 9/1/2007
10 and Under:  Players who were born on or after  9/1/2008
9 and Under: Players who were born on or after 9/1/2009
IHSAA Rules Affecting Participation:
   The IHSAA has some rules that affect outside sports programs.  These rules are:
        1.  No more than 3 players from 1 high school may play for a single team .
        2.  The above rule does not apply to seniors, nor to grade school students nor to students who are not on a school's team
        3.  No staff members from a particular high school may coach roster players from that high school while school is in session.  High school staff may coach players from other schools at any time, and their own players
             after the school year has ended.
In the occurrence of bad weather, participants can make the following assumption:
1. Practices will rarely be canceled. If you can make it, we will practice. If people cannot make it they need to notify there coach, their absence will be understood. If a practice is canceled, players will be notified directly by telephone/text or email. 
2. Tournaments are rarely canceled.
3. Your coach will notify you if practice is canceled.  It will also go up on the Pantera Facebook page and Twitter.

Missed Practices or Games Policy:

We realize that student athletes are involved in other activities during the club season.  It is our philosophy that current school activities come first. We are also understanding about family commitments and other extracurricular activities. However, coaches reserve the right to ask that players attend as many practices and games as possible, in order to improve their skills. Pantera is a competitive volleyball club and the coaches will play the players whom they believe can help the team win at any given moment. Generally, the more skilled players are the more experienced players, and missing practices and games is missing an opportunity to improve.

That being said, parents and players are expected to notify coaches as early as possible if they are going to miss a practice or a tournament.

Player Expectations:

Just showing up for practice isn’t enough.  We need players who are punctual, who are in the proper frame of mind to work hard, and who pay attention to coaches and cooperate with teammates and coaches. 

  • Commitment:  It is vital to be committed to the program.  If you really don’t want to participate, don’t.  If you work hard in practices, matches and scrimmages, you are likely to have a successful season.  Players who are committed to improving will have little time for you, if you simply wish to turn practices into social events. 
  • Regular Attendance:  We know that not all players can show up to every practice.  Exams and other activities sometimes must take priority.  It’s important that you attend every possible practice and notify your coach when you can’t attend. 
  • Respect for the rules of the club:  This includes the club and the USAV player’s Code of Conduct.  Rules will be clearly stated, and will be enforced. Each team will also have its own rules established by its coach. 
  • Cooperation:  You may, for example, take an overnight trip with us.  These trips require that you will have some rules that you’ll have to live by.  We expect you to respect that rules we make. 
  • Maintaining good grades:  We think that you should consider yourselves scholar-athletes, and strive for the best possible performance in school. 
  • Playing time:  Playing time is not guaranteed to any player and is up to the discretion of the coach.  Parents are asked to abstain from discussing playing time and any other concerns with coaches and staff before, during, or after matches.  We encourage players to take the initial step in this process.

Parent Expectations:

Yes, Parents, we do expect some things from you.  While writing a club due check does help keep the club operating smoothly, please remember that there are several other ways in which you can help:

  • Deliver and pick up players on time.  Coaches have had to wait as long as 30 minutes after practices for all players to be picked up.  Please remember that coaches may have families or other commitments after practice.  Late arrivals to practice cause disruptions. 
  • Please assist with transportation for players to out-of-town events.  We encourage parents of the teams to work together on transportation arrangements.
  • Please watch your daughter when she competes.  Even though she may not let you know, she will appreciate it if you are there to cheer the team on when you can.  Be supportive of your daughter without judging her, the coach, or her teammates. 
  • Pay dues on time.  If dues are not paid coaches and bills cannot be paid.  Monthly fees and tournament expenses must be paid in full each month in order for your daughter to compete.  This year, failure to pay and/or communicate with the Director will result in suspension of playing time.
Finally, please assist us in planning the away tournament this year “The Volley of The Roses” will in the month of April in Louisville, KY. Hotel reservations will need to be made and transportation for all the girls planning on playing. Please let your coach know how many rooms your family will need. A block of rooms will then be resevered for Pantera Volleyball Club. 

Being a Student Athlete:

There are points that we need to concern ourselves with when talking about a student-athlete lifestyle.  Remember, you are different from normal students, and need to live your lifes in a different manner.  There will be sacrifices you need to make, however, in the end the benefits are far greater than any sacrifice you will be asked to make.  Strive to be the best in every area of your life! 

A.     Nutrition – you must properly provide your body with the building blocks to ensure positive and productive growth and development.  Conditioning and strength training do not matter if you don’t provide your body with the necessary components to improve. 

B.      Sleep and Rest – be sure to allot the proper amount of sleep and rest to achieve maximum production from your body. 

C.      Conditioning – strength training enables you to perform at a higher athletic and technical level.  This is a vital part of the game of volleyball and one that you have complete control over.  You must decide to be in the best physical condition you can be in, and work hard to get there. 

D.     Rehabilitation – it is essential that you properly take care of your injuries and follow the doctor/trainer’s instruction to the letter.

E.      Cognitive Volleyball Learning – don’t just go through the motions!  Understand what you are doing, and more importantly, why you are doing it.  You will become a student of the game and, as a result, be a better player. 

F.       Time Management – balancing your priority areas of academics and athletics is extremely important, especially for younger players.  Personal sacrifices will be necessary to fulfill your responsibilities to the program. Take this seriously and use the little time you have wisely. 

G.     Goals – it is important to set goals for yourself, then strive to achieve or surpass these goals.  Each day that goes by, you will never get back again, so push yourselves to be successful everyday. 

H.     Open Communication – you must have this with your teammates and the coaching staff.  The easiest way to avoid problems is through communication. You are expected to communicate your feelings and thoughts toward other program members in an honest, yet respectful manner. 

All of the above need to be addressed on a daily basis in order to insure a lifestyle conductive to being a high quality student athlete.

Payment Plan – We are able to work out a payment plan that breaks up the fee over 6 months (November – April 1st).  All accounts must stay up to date for players to participate in practice/matches.  If a player quits there will be no refunds. Players who have an unpaid debt with Pantera will be ineligible to participate the following season. 

                      Catie Galyon, 2008, 2009

                                   Ky’Ana Johnson, 2009

                                   Quashima Stephens,  2009  
                                    Shaylee Swearingen, 2014                             
                                     Zoey Denommee,  2014    

                                     Madison Trimble 2016            
                                     Josie Henderrshot 2017
                                    Caitlyn Boteler 2017
                         Jayda Gooch    2019
                         Brianna Hazel   2019    
                         Ayriana Carpenter 2019