What is club volleyball?

Club volleyball is basically made up of travel teams under the sanctioning body of the United States Association of Volleyball, top youth volleyball organization in the United States.  Teams compete all across the country to develop skill and gain valuable experiences. 

What is the cost?

The cost this season is $____  (9-15 year old) per player and payable in installments if necessary. There will be a $75 non refundable tryout fee, this fee does not go towards the season fee.  Exact costs will be announced at parent meeting. We offer two installments due 12/8/19 (1/2) and 1/5/20 (1/2), if you need to make payment arrangements, please speak with Lisa Butcher, Program Director. Make checked payable to Pantera Volleyball Club. 

Fundraising available?  We will have fundraising available to help with club fees twice this season. 

What does my money towards paying?
For this club, the payments go toward buying uniforms, tournament entry fees, gym fees and coaches fees. 

What are the tournaments like:  The tournaments usually start at 8:00 am. Players would need to be at the playing site at least 45 minutes before they play.  If you are the working team the first match players need to be there 30 minutes before the match starts.  Coaches will let parents and players know what time arrive. Most likely teams will play at least 4 matches on the one day tournaments. 

What if my daughter has to miss a practice?

While we do want the girls to be at all the practices, it is not the end of the world if they miss for a good reason.  However, the more the girls practice together, the better they will be as a team. 

Where are the practices located? 

Practices will be at Tri-North Middle School and Templeton.

Court Demeanor:  Be attentive and enthusiastic on and off the court. 

Please watch your daughter when she competes:  Even though she may not  let you know, she will appreciate it if you are there to cheer the team.  Be supportive of your daughter without judging her, the coach, or her teammates. 

Stay positive:  Don't approach a coach with complaints after a tough match or tournament.  If you have concerns, schedule a meeting after everyone cools off. Think before criticizing anyone connected with your daughters team.  Criticism is contagious and often hurtful!  Take a positive approach to problem solving. 

Just how much will my daughter improve? 

Obviously, each girl will develop their volleyball skills based on several things:

1.      How good of an athlete they are and the ability to adjust and change.

2.      How well they listen and follow directions.

3.      How hard they work at it.

4.      The amount of time they spend on their own playing.

5.      The amount of practices they consistently attend along with the number of tournaments they compete in. 

Something to think about……..

We realize that committing to this is a big step, especially if you are new to club volleyball.  Your daughter will be trained in a fun, yet structured environment under the direction of good coaches.  We also know that the cost is more than you might want to spend.  We have made it as inexpensive as we can, while trying to produce a quality product so your daughter can get better.  Think about the following:  you send your daughter to a 3-4 day camp at a college over the summer for about $375.  Is your daughter going to improve?  Yes.  Will she improve as much as she will here over a time of 6 months?  NOT EVEN CLOSE!  Club volleyball is where the best come to play to develop their skills.